Best NHL Jerseys Of All Time

5. Los Angeles Kings Third Jersey

One of the best third jerseys without any of the team’s main colors.

4. Boston Bruins

This jersey hasn’t changed in decades, so you know it has to be good.

3. Buffalo Sabres Third Jersey

After briefly changing colors and logos the Sabres wore this once again, and it still looked good.

2. Buffalo Sabres

I guess the Sabres are just good at making jerseys.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

The best original six jersey, the best NHL jersey, the best jersey in sports.


Worst NHL Jerseys Of All Time

5. Edmonton Oilers Third Jersey

It’s not even close to any of their colors and it doesn’t make much sense.

4. Kenora Thistles

This does not even look like a jersey, but it was 1907.

3. Phoenix Coyotes Third Jersey

This jersey is awful. Third jerseys shouldn’t be this different.

2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks Third Jersey

It looks like something a kid would wear, not something that Paul Kariya would.

1. Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks wore these jerseys for years and they are by far the worst of all time.

Top 10 NHL Players Of All Time

10. Guy Lafleur

Guy Lafleur is one of the greatest superstars of all time. He has a pretty big NHL trophy collection. He also won five Stanley Cups.


9. Mark Messier

Mark Messier ranks second all time in games played and points. He also is carrer +210 player. In addition to Messier’s offensive skill, he is one of the greatest leaders of all time.


8. Mike Bossy

Mike Bossy was one of the best scorers ever. He totaled 1126 points in just 756 NHL games. It’s a shame that he only played for ten seasons.


7. Bobby Hull

In 1966, Bobby Hull became the first player to score 50 or more goals in a single season. He would then go on to break the 50 goal mark four more times. Hull only played in the NHL until he was 33.


6. Doug Harvey

Doug Harvey may be the second best defenseman of all time. He certainly is one of the best offensive defenseman of all time. Harvey had 540 points in 1113 career NHL games. Defenseman just don’t consistently post those numbers these days.


5. Maurice Richard

Maurice “The Rocket” Richard was a great goal scorer. He scored 544 goals in 978 career NHL games. There’s a reason the trophy for the NHL’s top goal scorer is named after him.


4. Gordie Howe

They don’t call him Mr. Hockey for nothing. He built Hockeytown. The guy played until he was 51. He registered 102 points when he was 47. When Howe retired, he lead the NHL in every offensive category.


3. Bobby Orr

The best Bruin in history. The defenseman, yes, defenseman, lead the league twice in scoring. Never again will a d-man come anywhere near Orr’s 135 points in 1974-75.


2. Wayne Gretzky


1. Mario Lemieux

This one isn’t 100% about offense. Gretzky is the greatest scorer, offensive player, shooter, whatever of all time. But there’s something different about Lemieux. This guy scored 542 points in three season in the QJMHL. That’s ridiculous. He then came right into the NHL at the age of 19 and scored on his first NHL shift. But it wasn’t just any goal, he stole the puck from hall-of-famer Ray Borque and fired a shot into the net. There’s no comparison for that today. Gabriel Landeskog won’t be making Niklas Lidstrom look silly any time soon. If he didn’t play at the same time as Gretzky this wouldn’t sound so ridiculous to you. Another reason Lemieux is number one is his determination. He was diagnosed with cancer in-season, missed some time with treatment, then on his last day of treatment, flew to Philadelphia to play the Flyers. Do you know what radiation therapy does to you? There’s no way a player would be allowed to play that soon, let alone want to. And guess what? He scored two points in that game. A goal and a assist. He also got a standing ovation from the Flyer fans. Flyer fans aren’t the nicest of people, so getting an opposing player getting a standing ovation is remarkable. Lemieux is also the only player to come close to Gretzky’s 200+ point seasons. Lemieux was able to come as close as 199. I don’t see anyone getting 199 points ever again. Today if you get over 100 points the NHL just hand awards to you. And Lemieux was still playing in 2006, so not that long ago. Gretzky was never able to beat Lemieux’s ridiculous 27.2 shot percentage. Gretzky’s offensive success overshadowed Lemieux, but Mario Lemieux is the greatest hockey player of all time.



NHL Power Rankings 3/12/12

1. St. Louis Blues 97 PTS Change: Up 1 

The Blues have now won five straight and have more points than any team in the NHL.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins 89 PTS Change: Up 2

The Penguins are the hottest team in the NHL with nine straight wins. The return of Sidney Crosby won’t hurt either.

3. New York Rangers 93 PTS Change: Down 2

The Rangers have only won five out of their last ten, and they are still first in the conference.

4. Detroit Red Wings 91 PTS Change: None

The Red Wings have won four out of their last ten, but they will likely hold on to the number four seed in the West.

5. Nashville Predators 87 PTS Change: Up 1

The Predators have only two regulation losses in their last ten games.

6. Vancouver Canucks 91 PTS Change: Down 1

The Canucks were only able to gain two points in the last week.

7. Dallas Stars 81 PTS Change: Up 3

The Stars have won nine of their last ten, and have not lost in regulation since February 19th.

8. Philadelphia Flyers 85 PTS Change: Down 1

The Flyers have accumulated six points in the last week and have won seven of their last ten.

9. Boston Bruins 83 PTS Change: Down 1

The Bruins have lost two in a row, but are still second in the East.

10. Chicago Blackhawks 82 PTS Change: Down 1

The Blackhawks have won five of their last ten, but lost in a shootout last night to the Kings.

11. New Jersey Devils 85 PTS Change: None

The Devils are currently on a four game winning-streak.

12. Florida Panthers 77 PTS Change: Up 1

The Panthers sit at third in the East put are two points away from missing the playoffs.

13. Phoenix Coyotes 78 PTS Change: Down 1

The Coyotes ended their hot streak this week and have now won five of their last ten.

14. Los Angeles Kings 76 PTS Change: Up 1

The Kings are still ninth in the West, but have taken 11 of their last 20 points.

15. Washington Capitals 76 PTS Change: Up 9

The Capitals have won three in a row which has helped them create a larger gap between themsleves and the ninth place team in the East.

16 Ottawa Senators 81 PTS Change: Down 2

The Senators haven’t necessarily gone down in the rankings because they are playing bad, but other teams are just playing better.

17. Calgary Flames 76 PTS Change: Up 6

The Flames have quietly climbed back into the playoffs this week, and now sit in the eighth spot in the West.

18. Winnipeg Jets 72 PTS Change: Down 2

The Jets will need to go on a sizeable winning streak if they plan on making the playoffs.

19. Colorado Avalanche 76 PTS Change: Down 2

If the Avalanche could get Matt Duchene back, they could possibly sneak into the playoffs.

20. Buffalo Sabres 72 PTS Change: Down 2

The Sabres are still four points out of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

21. Tampa Bay Lightning 69 PTS Change: Up 1

The Lightning have now won five out of their last ten games.

22. Anaheim Ducks 68 PTS Change: Down 1

The not-so-mighty Ducks have lost six of their last ten.

23. San Jose Sharks 75 PTS Change: Down 4

The Sharks have only won two of their last ten games, and are currently out of the playoffs.

24. Carolina Hurricanes 67 PTS Change: Up 1

The Hurricanes have won four out of their last ten, which isn’t bad for a team with 67 points in mid-March.

25. Toronto Maple Leafs 68 PTS Change: Down 5

The Maple Leafs have only one win in their last ten matches.

26. New York Islanders 66 PTS Change: Up 1

It was impressive that the Islanders were even able to force overtime with the Rangers in their last game.

27. Minnesota Wild 68 PTS Change: Down 1

The Wild have taken 7 out of the last 20 possible points.

28. Montreal Canadiens 64 PTS Change: Up 1

Don’t faint but, the Canadiens are on a two – that’s right, two – game winning streak.

29. Edmonton Oilers 59 PTS Change: Down 1

What team could possibly be worse?

30. Columbus Blue Jackets 51 PTS Change: None

Oh, them.


NBA Power Rankings 3/11/12

1. Chicago Bulls (34-9)


2. Miami Heat (31-9)


3. Oklahoma City Thunder (32-9)


4. San Antonio Spurs (26-13)


5. Orlando Magic (26-15)


6. Los Angeles Clippers (23-15)


7. Philadelphia 76ers (24-17)


8. Los Angeles Lakers (24-16)


9. Memphis Grizzlies (23-16)


10. Indiana Pacers (23-15)


11. Atlanta Hawks (23-17)


12. Denver Nuggets (23-18)


13. Portland Trail Blazers (20-21)


14. Houston Rockets (22-19)


15. Dallas Mavericks (23-20)


16. Minnesota Timberwolves (21-21)


17. Boston Celtics (21-18)


18. New York Knicks (18-22)


19. Phoenix Suns (19-21)


20. Utah Jazz (19-21)


21. Golden State Warriors (16-21)


22. Milwaukee Bucks (16-24)


23. Cleveland Cavaliers (15-23)


24. Detroit Pistons (15-26)


25. Sacramento Kings (14-26)


26. New Jersey Nets (14-28)


27. Toronto Raptors (13-27)


28. New Orleans Hornets (10-31)


29. Washington Wizards (9-30)


30. Charlotte Bobcats (5-34)


Around The Diamond: Top 10 Catchers

In today’s edition of Around The Diamond, we will take a look at the league’s top 10 catchers.

10. Russell Martin

2011: .237 AVG 18 HR 65 RBI .324 RBI

Russell Martin had a good first year in New York. Maybe those home runs are just a result of Yankee Stadium.

9. Matt Wieters

2011: .262 AVG 22 HR 68 RBI .328 OBP

Wieters showed some of the best power of all catchers during the 2011 season.

8. Yadier Molina

2011: .305 AVG 14 HR 65 RBI .349 OBP

Yadier Molina was one of few catchers to hit over .300 in 2011.

7. Miguel Montero

2011: .282 AVG 18 HR 86 RBI .351 OBP

Montero’s great power and run production helped him get into the All-Star Game in 2011.

6. Joe Mauer

2010: .327 AVG 9 HR 75 RBI .402 OBP

If Joe Mauer comes back as good as he was a few years ago, he has to be the number one catcher. Just look at his 2009 statistics.

5.Buster Posey

2010: .305 AVG 18 HR 67 RBI .357 OBP

Posey is one of the league’s best young catchers. He will only get better year after year.

4. Mike Napoli

2011: .320 AVG 30 HR 75 RBI .414 OBP

Mike Napoli put up ridiculous numbers in 2011. He led all catchers in batting average and on-base percentage.

3. Alex Avila

2011: .295 AVG 19 HR 82 RBI .389 OBP

Avila led all catchers in RBI in 2011, which helped him get into the All-Star Game.

2. Brian McCann

2011: .270 AVG 24 HR 71 RBI .351 OBP

McCann had another good year in 2011, as he finished second in home runs among catchers.

1. Carlos Santana

2011: .239 AVG 27 HR 79 RBI .351 OBP

Santana and his high step lead all catchers in home runs in 2011. Carlos Santana is the league’s best catcher, and he’s still very young.

Notables: Jesus Montero, A.J. Pierzynski, Geovany Soto, J.P. Arencibia, Wilson Ramos.